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AIR-VAC Operator Training

Course Aims

This course aims to provide delegates with the knowledge & skills for the safe operations, functions, & maintenance of the AIR-VAC and the specific issues related to underground utilities.

  • Understand how plans & utility searches assist in the avoidance of underground services;
  • Understand the practices used to help ensure safe digging;
  • Understand the dangers from underground services;
  • Understand the methods which can be employed to ensure optimum excavation results;
  • Differentiate between different soil types & conditions;
  • Recognise & implement control measures for potential hazards;
  • Understand how to safely control & manoeuvre the AIR-VAC;
  • Understand the importance of daily checks, maintenance & servicing.


1 day

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the delegate will:-

  • Have a basic understanding of the Vacuum Excavation industry;
  • Understand the dangers & why safe working practices are important;
  • Understand operator responsibilities;
  • Be able to locate & identify key controls & explain their functions;
  • Conduct all pre-operational & running checks in accordance with manufacturer's & legislative requirements;
  • Be able to identify and maintain PPE appropriate for vacuum excavation use;
  • Conduct all necessary safety checks at the work area;
  • Understand how to operate the AIR-VAC safely & efficiently; 
  • Understand the importance of maintenance and cleaning;
  • Environmental considerations;
  • Demonstrate knowledge & understanding of loading & unloading procedures for machine transportation;
  • Demonstrate a good understanding by performing a written assessment.


Pre Requisite Requirements

The following pre-requistes are required:

  • Current CSCS green card;
  • Good understanding of spoken and written English;
  • Ability to lift and move loads;
  • Reasonable level of mobility.


PPE Requirements

This course requires delegates to possess the following:

  • Hard hat;
  • Steel toe-capped boots (with laces);
  • Face shield / goggles;
  • Hearing protection;
  • High Visibility Vest (minimum);
  • Fire retardant / Arc proof overalls;
  • Safety gloves.

Failure to comply will result in inability to complete the course.


Upon successful completion, delegates will receive a certificate which is valid for three years.